Gaming firm GREE set for 300 percent profit growth

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GREE, one of the leading Japanese mobile social gaming companies, is expected to report impressive financial figures for the three months to December 31, when sales alone may have reached $520 million, while operating profit may represent half of that amount, at $260 million, local media reports.

The company’s sales seem thus to have increased by 180%, while growth of the profit was about 300 percent year-on-year.

If these will turn out to be the real numbers, GREE’s operating profit for the full fiscal year would be in the range of $910 million, a record value for the company, according to Japanese technology analyst Serkan Toto.

GREE is on a fast growing curve, with average spend per user apparently rising by 100 percent over the last year up to Y400, according to Toto.

GREE now has over 140 million users worldwide and it set an ambitious target to reach 1 billion. It prepares a global platform to be launched in the second quarter. Its chief rival DeNA is also rapidly expanding, with partnerships announced in Asia, Latin America and business development operations in Europe.