Gaming revenue decreased by 8 pct in Japan last year

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Japanese video gaming market reported a 8 percent drop in revenues for 2011, according to data from the Enterbrain publisher.

The market valued Y454 billion ($5.89 billion) last year, with a slight increase from the hardware sector (2.4 percent), while software dropped by 13.7 percent to Y274 billion ($3.56 billion).

Best selling hardware platforms was Nintendo’s 3DS, with 4.13 million units sold, followed by Sony’s PSP with 1.96 million units and PlayStation 3 with 1.46 million units.

Best two selling games were Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, both for the 3DS platform, followed by Monster Hunter Portable 3D, for the PSP.

The report included non-PC hardware and software, but did not counted PC software and accessory sales.