Gangster tries to cash in on Fukushima disaster

7 years ago by in Featured, Japan

decontaminationA Japanese gangster of “yakuza” mafia has been arrested for illegally sending men to clean-up the area around the Fukushima nuclear plant that was hit by a violent tsunami in 2011, the police said on Thursday.

Three men aged in their 50s were sent in November by gangster Yoshinori Arai, 40, to do nuclear decontamination work at Fukushima without any proper permit. At that time, the gangster who belongs to the Sumiyoshikai crime group took one third of their wages.

The three men were paid between $164 and $186 a day to cut the grass and to do other decontamination work.

“It was a good way of cashing in on the disaster”, the gangster said, according to the police.

Heavily populated areas around the Fukushima nuclear plant are exposed to radiation up to 13 times higher than the accepted limit, according to a statement made previously by Greenpeace organization.

Policemen are also investigating a similar case, with other ten men sent to work in the area in December. The authorities fear yakuza’s actions had become an important source of income for organized crime.