Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

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Finally I got that part of my trip processed too.
Visited on April 9th.

Very interesting place indeed.

Word of caution:
It’s so densely painted inside with all sort of pictures and stuff that I even missed a "women bathroom" sign and walked into one. Good that I did not actually progressed too much inside before noticing that something just does not look right. 😉

Totoro Entrance

And here we have Totoro himself in the ticket office. Too bad you can’t actually buy tickets there.

An outside view on one of the sides.

Pretty long line awaited us on arrival. Even afer we spent two hours in the museum, the line was still strong on the outside. (our designated time was 10am)

Tickets taht you can get at Lawson for 1000 yen. Also shows the rest of the line.

Another outside shot.

Nice small replica of Howl’s moving castle in a flower pot just outside of the entrance.

Inside of the entrance hall.
Took this one clearly thinking I am in no violation of the "no photos inside" policy since I was outside still. The staff quickly singled me out and explained that what they means is "don’t take pictures of stuff inside even if you are standing outside."

The famous Robot Soldier from Laputa Castle in the Sky.

The sky was not cooperating, though, grey with no details.

Some closeups of the Robot.

Behind the robot is this trail to Laputa stone.

Laputa stone is pure magic, aside from other its properties, it’s also a chick magnet. 😉

Lots of nice tiny details everywhere in the museum if you look carefully. Like these cats on the water faucets.

Spiral stairs to the roof.

This wall with windows looks a bit like a face.

Water pump in the backyard.

Also in the backyard.

For the "Kiki’s delivery service" fans the broom is available in the backyard.

Tickets to the exclusive screenings are actually made of real film with studio Ghibli animations.

Straw Hat cafe on the second level of the backyard.

Cat bodyguards staring at you from one of the windows – another one of those nice smallish details.