Gigantic Japanese spider crab sent to British exhibit

6 years ago by in Japan

Spider crabs are known for being the largest species of crab in the world. Its big size is the one that saved a lucky Japanese spider crab from ending at the fish market and going instead all the way to Great Britain, in order to be shown during a sea life exhibit at the Blackpool Sea Life Centre.

The gigantic crab measuring 2.7 meters was called “Big Daddy” and has become the largest on exhibit. He would have probably become a large delicious meal for someone in Japan, but instead Big Daddy has just finished staying in U.K.’s quarantine for several months and has been moved recently to his home at the aquarium, the local press reports.

He will make new friends soon, as he will join a female Japanese spider crab already at the exhibit, according to Sea Life general manager Jenn Newton.

“Our new arrival certainly is the ‘big daddy’ of crabs! These massive crabs can eventually reach a claw span of 3.65m, big enough to straddle a car,” Newton said according to the international press.

Spider crabs live a long life, about one century, and eat dead fish and smaller crustaceans. They live deep under water, so they need water that is very cold to survive. As a result, the Blackpool Sea Life Centre had to redo its plumbing for the tank just to get cold enough water for the spider crabs.