Glasses That Help You Track Eye Movements, Will Tell You If You Are Sleepy Or Tired

7 years ago by in Technology


A Japanese spectacles by the brand name Jins has created the world’s first eyewear that allows you to see yourself. It is called “JINS MEME”. The special design of these glasses allows you to track your eye movements. It measures tiredness and concentration all based on the changes in your eye movements. It then calculates how much mental or physical strain you’re currently experiencing even if you don’t notice it yourself. Once it notices that you are tired or sleepy, it will alert you before anything bad happens to you.

These interesting glasses contain tiny metallic electrooculography, also known as EOG, sensors that are located on the bridge, nose pads and the ear bars of the glasses. Those tiny sensors are used to track any electrical potential in your eye movements.

Wearing these glasses while you’re working at your desk is not the only possible application. You can also wear them when you’re driving since they can save your life as well as others by alerting you when you’re either too tired or too sleepy to drive.


JINS MEME also uses an app that keeps track and records your physical condition as well as your health in real time. The inventor said, “It’s like having a live broadcast of the changes taking place in your body. Wearing JINS MEME while running or walking can provide at-a-glance information, including calories burned, speed, and posture.”


Since these glasses are not your regular glasses, they do require power. However, you can still get about 8 hours of use out of them. As for the OS, JINS MEME is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.


JINS MEME comes in three different designs. One of the designs is called Wellington, which has been christened “today’s most classic eyewear form”. The device functions are equipped at the ends of the temple pieces, giving this style loved the world over a “unique MEME twist”. This means that you can wear a pair of JINS MEME glasses and still look fashionable.


The second design is called Half-Rim which is the “intellectual-looking model” style that can be worn for an everyday wardrobe.


The last style is called the Sunglasses. It’s a model that comes in “a sporty, fashionable teardrop shape” and frames with a round cross-section designed to provide the “ultimate simplicity.”


There is no sure date when these glasses will be available but there were reports of a spring 2015 date. However, Jins is reported to have been planning to roll out the brand globally. The app will also be released during the official launch of the glasses.


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