Global warming makes apples sweeter – Japan study

7 years ago by in Entertainment

Apples are becoming less crunchy but sweeter due to global warming, according to a study made at two orchards in Japan.

A research team gathered data at the orchards from 1970 to 2010 and said that global warming has obvious effects on apple taste and texture.

“All such changes may have resulted from earlier blooming and higher temperatures” during the growth season, the researchers said according to the international press.

Apple trees are blooming earlier due to higher temperatures and the harvests are also affected by modifications in rainfall and temperature, previous studies showed.

Around 60 million tonnes of apples are produced every year, with Fuji and Tsugaru apples, the ones that are produced in the orchards included in the study, being the most popular kinds worldwide.

The two orchards are located in Nagano and Aomori prefectures, where the air temperature has risen with 0.31, respectively 0.34 degrees Celsius per decade.

The study showed that the acidity, firmness and watercore of the apples dropped, but their sugar concentration has risen over time.

“We think that a sweeter apple is a positive thing and a loss of firmness is a negative thing,” study co-author Toshihiko Sugiura of the National Institute of Fruit Tree Science in Fujimoto said.