Goat café attracts animal-loving customers in Tokyo

8 years ago by in Entertainment

It seems that cat cafés in Japan may be soon overrated. Two goats, one brown and the other one white, became famous in Tokyo after their owner took them daily for a walk through the city and kept them in a pen at her café.

The goats’ names are Chocolat and Sakura and their owner, Rena Kawaguchi, can be seen every day walking the animals around the centre of the capital city, according to the international press.

Both goats are three-year-old and are native to Japan. The animals make mostly no trouble, according to their owner.

“They are both women and they get on really well together – they always snuggle up to each other when they go to sleep at night. But the white one, Sakura, sometimes gets really violent when it comes to her food. At feeding time she goes straight for it, attacking Chocolat so she can get to it first,” she said.

With goats proving a hit for attracting customers, Kawaguchi says she has got her sights set on bigger plans. An elephant café is top of the list.