Goats used at Japanese condominium to mow grass

7 years ago by in Entertainment

Noisy lawnmowers were replaced at a Japanese condominium in Tokyo with a more natural option: four goats.

The suburban complex has rented the animals to help mow the grass in the areas that are hard to reach.

Goats are cheap and do not need too much instruction, while their poop pellets are not a threat to residents’ health, according to a spokesman for the state-owned site’s developer.

“It is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than paying for lawn mowing,” he said. “And goats are better than humans at mowing grass on steep slopes.”

Residents have embraced the idea. The developer said that if the two-month trial, which started in September, works out it may hire more goats for its other properties, according to the international press.

It is not the first time when Japan uses such eco-friendly mowing methods. This summer, Amazon Japan hired several goats to take care of the grass, with the animals nibbling down around 3,750 square meters of grass.

The experimental ecological weeding activity was part of Amazon Japan’s environmental programs. Amazon Japan expressed the hope that through goat weed it will reduce carbon dioxide emissions caused by the mowing machine.

The company has officially hired the goats following a procedure similar to the one used when hiring humans: it made identity cards for goats, just as it did for its human employees.