Good news for Sony or just bad news for others?

7 years ago by in Featured, Technology

Japanese tech giant Sony has moved up in the third quarter on the global list of smartphone makers, on the third position, according to data from research company IDC. Considering that in the same period of last year Sony was on the sixth place, normally it would be great news. But this time it seems more like pure luck, market analysts say.

Sony was in the third quarter number three in the world, only behind Samsung Electronics and Apple, but this is hardly a spectacular comeback of the Japanese company, according to a commentary by the Wall Street Journal.

The reason behind Sony’s rise is mostly the abrupt market share losses of rivals like HTC, Nokia and Research in Motion, maker of BlackBerry devices.

Sony has actually lost market share in the quarter, dropping to 4.8 percent from 5.0 percent a year earlier.

Nokia however plunged to 3.4 percent, from 13.6 percent a year earlier, while RIM dropped to 4.2 percent, from 9.6 percent. Moreover, the Taiwanese maker HTC managed to cover only 4.7 percent of the market in the quarter, compared to 10.3 percent a year earlier.

In the same time, Samsung and Apple have strengthened their positions. The two leading smartphone makers control now almost half of the global market.

South Korea’s Samsung rose to 31.3 percent, from 22.7 percent last year, while U.S.-based Apple increased its share to 14.6 percent, from 13.8 percent. None of their rivals currently holds more than 5 percent of the market.