Government asking people to stay indoors amid smog

6 years ago by in Featured, Japan

smog-pollutionThe Environment Ministry asked population on Monday to stay inside the house in order to deal with the choking smog that is spreading to Japan from China. The Japanese officials also recommended people not to ventilate rooms when high concentrations of the toxic smog are detected.

Given increasing concern over so-called PM2.5, an air pollutant found in toxic smog that covered 25 percent of China in January, the ministry also plans to meet prefectural and major city authorities in order to ask them to increase the number of monitoring posts for PM2.5 in their regions, Kyodo news agency states.

PM2.5, hazardous particulate matter below 2.5 microns, or 2.5 thousandths of a millimeter, in diameter, can be absorbed by the lungs and lead to heart and lung disease.

The thick smog that has been suffocating cities in China arrived in various parts of Japan, leading to warnings of health risks for the young and those who are sick.

Images of Beijing and other Chinese cities blanketed by choking smog were broadcasted by Japanese TV channels this month.

“We can not deny there is an impact from pollution in China”, Yasushi Nakajima, an official with the Japanese environment ministry, said earlier in February.