Japan to launch 4K TV broadcast in 2014

8 years ago by in Featured, Technology

4k tvThe Japanese government is planning to launch the world’s first 4K Ultra HD digital TV broadcasting next year, in July. The launch would come two years ahead of schedule, in time for the soccer World Cup finals in Brazil, according to Kyodo news agency.

Another reason for the new format’s earlier launch is to help increase demand for ultra high-definition TVs, which dropped since Japan completely shifted to terrestrial digital broadcasting in 2011.

Most probably, the 4K format will be first introduced for “CS” communication satellite broadcasting, due to the fact that this type of broadcasting has greater radio bandwidth as 4K broadcasting requires the sending of massive amounts of data. The next step would be to expand to BS satellite broadcasting and terrestrial broadcasting.

4K TVs boast four times the resolution of a regular high-definition TV, the international press reports. Sony, Panasonic and Sharp companies are now among the Japanese makers that sell 4K TVs.

Japan is also investing in the development of super high-definition 8K TVs. The tests for the new format broadcast will be launched in 2016, two years earlier than planned, the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications said.