Gov’t, Fujitsu built cyber weapon to protect Japan

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A computer virus that could track down the source of a cyber attack to neutralize it is being developed by Fujitsu Ltd. on behalf of the Japanese government.

The “electronic weapon” is the result of a three-year project worth $2.3 million, according to the Japanese press.  Japan is not the first country to develop such a system to protect itself of growing cyber attacks. China and the United States have already installed similar monitoring systems.

Various computer systems belonging to the Japanese authorities, including the Parliament and some local governments, have been targeted by hackers during the last months. Computers belonging to Japan have been attacked at embassies and consulates in nine countries last summer.

The new virus is being currently tested by Japan before being released into practical use. Some experts believe that the country would have to change its law before using the program, as manufacturing a computer virus is forbidden.