Meet Japan’s Human Chicken

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As quoted from Sebuyama: “Hello, I’m Sebuyama. Day after day, this severe cold persists, so how can a person cope? Take me for instance, I don’t have money to buy any clothes, so I’m always left shivering in the cold, even indoors.”

This is probably the craziest and funniest thing you’ll every see.

A blogger for a Japanese humor website called Omocoro, Mr. Sebuyama, had recently published some crazy pictures of himself wearing absolutely nothing but a pink sweater. The pictures were part of a guide that he wrote about an ingenious idea on how anyone can keep warm during the cold seasons and not spend a penny on electricity by simply wearing nothing but a pink sweater – bodysuit.

Are you ready to see more hilarious pictures? Well, here they are…

As quoted from Sebuyama: “If you’re one of the millions of people like me who think – I don’t want to rely on a heater, but all I have is a single pink sweater – then my investigative report will show you what to do.”


1) The first step is to put your legs through the sleeves of the sweater as shown below.


2) The next step is to put your upper body through the large bottom hole of the sweater.


The trick here is to fold your body into half so that it will fit inside a piece of clothing that was designed for half your body.


3) You’ll then find your head approaching the neck-hole of the sweater just as you would put on the sweater normally.


4) Keep on pushing your head through until you look like this!


Once you’re in the sweater as shown above, you’ll find yourself warm and cosy. You’ll be able to keep warm using minimal resources just by curling your body into a ball.


You don’t need to worry about paying your utility bills or whatever else manufacturers may decide to sell. You can continue doing your work like you’ve always done, but now you’ll be warm.


Mr. Sebuyama wanted to take his invention out for a field test because not everyone will be living their lives indoors.


There he is! (That looks a bit scary…)


It’s obvious that this is an unusual sight, but remember not to get distracted from the test.


Surprisingly, the sweater continued to keep him warm despite the wind and the damp asphalt.


I’m pretty sure that walking like that is quite a challenge, but at least he’s burning calories and the exercise will make him feel warm.


Mr. Sebuyama bought a baked sweet potato (which is yakiimo) for 100 yen at the local produce shop for the next phase of his field test. He wants to see how easy it is to eat while looking like… well… a turkey-man. 


He found a comfortable place to eat his yakiimo and relax.


In the beginning, Sebuyama was unable to bend his body any further to put the sweet potato in his mouth.  And to make it worse, a cute little pigeon decided that it wanted to keep an eye on Sebuyama’s snack.


The situation started to look grim but then he remembered that he still had fully functioning hands to hold the sweet potato with. Life became easier after that.


Mr. Sebuyama said he was impressed with how warm he felt and how everyone was friendly to him. Some even asked him for an autograph!


Well, if you don’t have any money to pay the electricity bill and you only have a single sweater, you now know what to do to keep warm. With this technique, you can even get through the worst winter Mother Nature can throw at you.


I never knew that all I needed to stay warm and cosy was a pink sweater… and a little bit of courage too.

Source: Omocoro / RocketNews24