This Hack From Japan Will Help You Keep Your Notebooks Organized

7 years ago by in Japan

Nowadays, there are apps that can help you organize your notes, such as Evernote. However, not many people like using these apps and instead still use notebooks to write down any ideas that they may have. Most people find themselves doing this more on the go. It can be a bit difficult to organize ideas that you may have using notebooks since you have to manually do it instead of relying on an app to do it for you. There is a method that can help you organize your ideas and it usually involves splitting up your notebook into several parts for different categories. Alternatively, you can just write down your ideas as they come along but it’ll be hard for you to find them later on.

This little useful hack was taught in Japan but it’s a bit messy. Also, it’s something most people will not find themselves doing all the time, but it may come in handy for the right subject.

Let’s get started!

Basically, you will use the back of your notebook like an index or tag list. So, every time you write something on the front of your notebook, you’ll have to tag it on the back of the notebook.

Here’s an example… say you were keeping a lot of recipes in your notebook, and one of the sections on the first page is dedicated to just a Chinese recipes.


Next, you should go on the last page of the notebook and create a tag ‘Chinese’. Do this by writing the tag on the first line next to the left edge of the paper.



Once that’s done, go all the way back to where you wrote the Chinese recipe and exactly on the same line as the label ‘Chinese’, make a little mark on the right edge.


Make the mark so that when your notebook is closed, you can still see that mark. Once you’ve repeated these steps for other recipes, you’ll now have many tags that are visible on the edge of the notebook.



After doing all of that, it’ll be much easier to find any of your writings in the notebook, so if you wanted to find a Chinese recipe , you would just need to look at the index page you created on the back. And then just look for the visible marks that you created on the edge of the papers to find all the pages with the Chinese label.

Please note that you’re not limited to just one tag per page. You can tag a page at least 2 or 3 times, maybe even more if you want. For  instance, if you write down chicken stir fry, you can tag the page as ‘Chicken’ and ‘Chinese’. You’ll be able to find all recipes by the type of cuisine it is and ingredient.

You can use this format for other things too. Be creative!