Hackers target 1.8 million accounts at game maker Square Enix

8 years ago by in Travel

Japanese game maker Square Enix, which produces well-known titles like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, announced that hackers attacked its servers and data on 1.8 million clients may have been accessed.

The company stores the customers’ names and email addresses, but many members have also registered phone numbers and physical addresses.

The company does not store data on credit cards. "We are yet to learn whether illegal access was gained to our clients’ information," a spokesperson said. "But we have asked our customers to be aware of the incident in case they receive suspicious messages using our name."

The actual dimensions of the breach are yet unknown, the company said.

Hackers accessed the servers that hold data on the 1 million Japanese customers of the company, as well as data on 800,000 members in North America. Another server, on which details on 300,000 European members reside, was left untouched, Square Enix said.

The European subsidiary was however targeted by hackers in a previous attack, in May, when the email addresses of 25,000 customers as well as resumes of 250 job applicants were exposed.