Hacking cases hit record high in Japan

6 years ago by in Technology

The number of cases investigated by the police for illegal access to computer networks rose from 40 to 154 in 2012, according to the National Police Agency. It is the highest recorded level since the law’ adoption in 2000.

The investigated cases included people suspected of stealing Internet IDs and passwords and using them.

“The rise might be attributable to the rapid spread of online games and social networking services”, a police agency official said.

Aside from the illegal access to computer networks, about 7,334 other suspects were identified for online fraud, child prostitution and pornography, according to the international press. The number is up 1,593 from the previous year.

The National Police Agency, worried by the growing numbers of cybercrime cases, said it will start fighting against them by forming a special cybercrime investigation team on Monday at 13 prefectural police departments including those in Tokyo and Osaka.

The police is thus trying to protect more the Japanese Government organizations and the contractors or companies that operate key infrastructure such as power plants and gas storage facilities.