This Is What Happens When You Kiss A Snapping Turtle…

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Any human being should know not to put a dangerous animal near your face or better yet near your mouth. Putting any dangerous animals near your face or mouth is just asking for trouble or a painful experience. Did I say painful? Very painful is better. One turtle owner thought that just because he’s the owner of his turtle, he could put it near his face.


The snapping turtle didn’t get their name for nothing. They will snap at you when they get the chance and it will hurt…. A LOT. The owner of this snapping turtle decided to kiss his not so little pet.



And… this is what happens when you try to kiss your pet snapping turtle.


Now you will see the result from what happened above. This man was hospitalized because of the incident.


Well, that looks like it hurts. Lesson learned though. Do not put your face or mouth near ANY dangerous animals.


If you think about it, it wasn’t the turtle’s fault. The snapping turtle followed it’s natural instinct and SNAPPED.

Its a good bet he wont try that again. Feel better!

Source: Izismile