High-tech watch estimates alcohol intake before you drive

6 years ago by in Entertainment

Tokyoflash Japan, a company that makes high-tech, unusual watches, has created a special watch that can tell if it is safe for you to drive home from a party or if it would be better to ask someone else to give you a ride.

The new watch called “The Kisai Intoxicated” can estimate the level of alcohol in your blood, as it has a built-in breathalyzer that will show the user visually at what levels he or she is, in terms of alcohol content, according to the local press.

The user blows for 5 seconds into the small breath sensor incorporated in the watch. A visual result is then displayed: a backlight will turn on, with green meaning sober (more or less), yellow meaning “buzzed” (as per the Tokyoflash website, between 0.41 and 0.60 percent), and red meaning 0.61 percent and above, which is enough to say that the user is drunk.

Users can also make a funny “sobriety” test game that tests the reaction time with a line that moves at different speeds from side to side. Users have to stop the moving line right in the center, and that is the proof of being sober.

Tokyoflash does not guarantee, however, that the watch’s results are 100 percent accurate and warns that the gadget should be seen rather as a cool way to impress friends and maybe, an estimate.

The Kisai Intoxicated is crafted in stainless steel and uses a rechargeable battery that can be charged via an included USB cable.