Hiking in Fukushima

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This is a set of pictures taken in Nov 2008. I distinctly remember the date coz it was my birthday Nov 2nd!

They’re taken in Fukushima Prefecture (福島県) in Tohoku (東北) region. Most of em are taken near Noji Onsen (野地温泉) and some near Goshikinuma (五色沼).

As I said in my last post, I like clicking these wooden things

one more shot of the same thing

yet one more, dont worry thats it 😉

The pictures are not in chronological order, but this is taken before we got on to the hill. Was a very windy day.

This is by far my favorite shot taken that day!

This is where we had lunch

Buying some fresh fruits!


五色沼 means 5 colored lake. This is a collection of lakes where there is at least one lake having one of the 5 different colors. Frankly, to me all of them look the same. BLUE! But hell they’re beautiful 🙂

Caught some late fall colors

Raku Raku Phone

This is a very cool shot of a ojiisan and obasan using their raku raku phone. Its one of those phones especially designed for old peeps.

this is an aerial view of the main lake. awesome isn’t it?