Honda promotes green-cars by using urinating ‘Hydrogen Boy’

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Japanese carmaker Honda found an innovative way of promoting its green-cars at the Tokyo Motor Show: it used a plastic boy urinating.

Honda used a two-meter replica of famous Brussels landmark Manneken Pis – the bronze statue of a boy peeing into a fountain, according to the international press. The plastic boy had the role of showing how the carmaker’s fuel-cell technology works.

He has been called the “Hydrogen Boy” due to the hydrogen tank strapped to his back.

“When hydrogen and oxygen go into a fuel cell, they react chemically and generate power,” the boy’s recorded voice tells passersby in Japanese, his eyes flashing as he urinates into a pool below. “But only water comes out. Dribble, dribble.”

Fuel-cell cars are considered to be on top of any other green vehicle because they only emit water vapors from the tailpipe while they can operate on hydrogen produced using renewable methods.

The biennial auto event Tokyo Motor Show 2013, that is held from November 20 to December 1, features the latest electronic technology made by the Japanese carmakers, as well as green cars aimed at the growing low-emissions sector.

This 43rd car show edition includes 177 local carmakers of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and trucks together with European competitors.