Huge floating dock from Japan drifted to U.S. shore

8 years ago by in Featured, World

Japanese diplomats confirmed that a 20-meter long dock that washed on the U.S. West Coast is coming from the tsunami which struck Japan last spring.

The huge rectangular structure, made of concrete and metal, is the largest piece of debris that reaches the U.S. West Coast so far. It travelled about 8,850 kilometres before reaching the American coast, 160 kilometres southwest of Portland.

“Four floating docks were washed away by the tsunami. This is one of them,” said Hirofumi Murabayashi, deputy consul general at Japan’s consulate in Portland. “The other three we don’t know where they are, if they’re floating somewhere or they sank in the ocean or not,” he said.

The Japanese officials confirmed that the dock came from the port of Misawa, in Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan.

“Certainly this is the biggest thing that’s not a boat that we’ve had on the Oregon shore in my memory, for the last 17 years,” commented a spokesman at The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.