Ibiza Chillout Lounge Party

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Despite the pouring rain that started during the party, about 500 people showed up at ISHIDA Aoyama Omotesando on July 9th,
the first day of Breitling Fair.
It was my second event this year at this watch shop and the theme was Ibiza music and Brazilian bikinis.
Izumi Yamaguchi, a friend of mine for long time, has launched the music project to bring
the chillout music from Ibiza to Japan and we made it as its launch party.ibiza chillout lounge
She invited Lenny Ibizarre, a legend from Ibiza who’s been a resident DJ at the world-renowned Cafe del Mar.
His play was so inspiring that many of the guests started to dance in the luxurious setting of the shop.
But what sparkled the night was a fashion show of Brazilian bikinis provided by buiqinis boutique.

DJ Venus

Ladies flanked by Cedric and Julien from Blacklist

Free beer sponsored by Ikon Europubs

Dane is working so hard to serve almost 1,500 bottles of beer in 4 hours!

Izumi from Ibiza Chillout Music

Azusa from Miss Universe Japan 2008

Kseniya from Minsk

Anechka from Vladivostok

Anna from Miss Universe Japan 2007

Cassio in deep thought

Marc is in euphoria

Hunting World was one of the sponsors so we made Nude Jewelry in the shape of their logo.

Katia took all the photos in my post. Thank you!

Nude Jewelry is made from gold foil and pasted on skin by the water.
It is invented by Nobu Akatsuka and getting popular among celebrities for their
wedding decorations.

DJ Lenny Ibizarre