iBooks textbooks and iTunes U courses to be available in Japan

5 years ago by in Technology

Apple company announced on Tuesday that its products – iBooks textbooks and the iTunes U Course Manager – will be available in new countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Among the new states are Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Russia and Brazil. Thus, the number of countries who can access the iBooks textbooks and the iTunes U Course Manager will rise from 51 to 70.

On the textbooks front, the company notes that it has published almost 25,000 educational iBooks Author titles, allowing it to cover 100 percent of U.S. high school and U.K. secondary school core curriculums, according to the international press.

iTunes U is not going too bad either, as in the last two years it has offered teachers more than 750,000 free resources that helped them build a course. The available resources include audio, video, PDFs, documents, presentations, and more.

By focusing on these programs, the American company shows that it continues to be interested in the educational market. Most probably, iBooks Author and iTunes U will see further improvements in the next year.