iOS, Android will have a new rival operating system based on Linux

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Tizen, a new operating system for smartphones, will be ready to use in the next several months, announced the Japanese mobile phone operator NTT Docomo on Wednesday. Tizen is developed by more tech companies around the world to compete against Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Smartphones that will be sold starting with the end of March will be operating Tizen, NTT Docomo spokesman said.

Tech companies from Japan, China, South Korea, Europe and the United States have worked together to develop the product. Among the companies there are Japan’s Fujitsu, U.S. giant Intel, South Korea’s Samsung and LG, China’s Huawei, and European mobile carriers Vodafone and Orange, the international press reports.

“Unlike Android and iOS, Tizen allows us to develop freely whatever we envision because it is an open-source operating system,” said NTT Docomo spokesman.

“With Tizen, we hope to revitalize Japanese-developed services and create new services more freely,” he added, referring to the fact that once there was a time when Japanese mobile phones were once among the best in the world using their cutting-edge technology. However, since Appleā€™s iPhone was released, their success faded.