An iPad App Called Bijin Uketsuke Allows You To Have A Virtual Receptionist

7 years ago by in Entertainment, Technology


There is an iPad app called Bijin Uketsuke which allows anyone who has an iPad to have a virtual receptionist. Using this app, you’ll have your very own virtual receptionist that will welcome you. If you don’t have money to hire someone to greet people by the door, you can get this app so that you wouldn’t need to hire someone to do the job. Just place it on a table by the front door and the app will do its magic by greeting and smiling at your guests. Also, you can pick one out of seven ladies, that are wearing uniforms, to be your virtual receptionist. Pretty neat app right?


This app, Bijin Uketsuke is available in both English and Japanese from the iTunes store for ¥700 (about $7).

source:, YouTube