iPhone-maker scores low on clean energy

7 years ago by in Featured, Technology

iPhones make our lives better, but they should not make the planet worse, a Greenpeace representative said at the presentation of a study showing that some of the biggest technology companies score low on clean energy usage.

Apple, the U.S.-based maker of the iPhone, got low grades from Greenpeace in the “How Clean is your Cloud?” report. The company however rejected the result of the study, saying that it is performing well when it comes to shifting its data centers to clean energy.

Apple said its new data center in North Carolina will be “the greenest data center ever built” and that it will eventually get more than 60% of its power from renewable sources. It will use an on-site solar farm and a fuel cell installation, which Apple presents as the largest of their kind in the U.S.

Amazon and Twitter were also named by the study as companies who still have to improve their energy usage, while Facebook, Google and Yahoo got higher grades.

“The explosive growth of data centers is a big problem if it continues to be linked to coal, or a big opportunity,” Greenpeace said. “If the IT sector pushes to bring solar, wind and other renewables online it could be a huge game changer.”