Ishida: Party Report

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I learnt about Ishida the watch store through the sponsored post on our website so I was looking forward to going to their store party.

I was invited by Ken Kuroyanagi, a brand consultant, who helped to put together this event to promote some of the lovely people he was working with. He also posted on this site too Super GT and Kart Racing

This was the first time for me to be invited to an upscale event, so I was excited to get the chance to attend the event and meet lots of interesting new people. Here are a few of the best bits of the event. Enjoy!

The watch enthusiasts gets younger by the day.

Lots of free drinks courtesy of San Pellegrino. I don’t know which was more popular, the wine or the sparkling water but the water ran out really quickly!

Nespresso were there the Espresso people. I liked how they paired wine / water / coffee in the same place. If you had a bit to much wine, you can counter the effects with a bit of coffee. Genius!

Although the event was a party, there were a few party goers who gave in and wanted to see more.

I got to take a look at the beautiful watches first hand. I haven’t worn a watch for almost 10 years but feeling really tempted.^^

Lots of handsome staffs are on hand to show you all the pretty watches. He reminded my a bit of a butler. ^^

A few folks tried out the watches. I am no fashion expert but I believe there is matching system going on. Right?

RaceFightClub was there with their F1 race car simulators. These are the same machines that pro F1 racers buy at home and use to practice in the races.

The line was long but the the race was really fun. I think I was on the machine longer than anyone else; not because I had special preference, but because I spun out and drove about 2 laps in the wrong direction without knowing it.

The machines are gorgeous, would love to have one in my room but if I did, I wouldn’t have much room for anything else. >_<

I think I would be on the machine all day an all night. If you think you are good at racing games, lets race. I’ll give you 10s head start. ^^

Ken and one of his many beautiful friends.

Do you remember the lovely DJ’s from the launch party? This is DJ Byron BayB

They don’t have their own site yet but the one on the left is Yasuka and the other Satori Ann (can’t seem to find her site at the moment)

These are the Dolly Dots. I don’t know if you call them go-go dancers or what the appropriate term is. But they were really sexy. ^^

Um, am I aloud to say that?

For those who came to the Curtain Call event I am sure you will remember DJ Ochazuke ^^. They also joined the fun.

That’s me on the left……. I was THAT popular that night. ^^

I didn’t fool you did I? >_<

Will be popping over to a few more events around Tokyo. If you are holding an event, or went to a really cool one recently, tell us about it and let others know how to reach you for future events.