Itabashi Volunteer Fiesta 2010

10 years ago by in Japan Archives

During the previous weekend volunteered this charity event happening in Itabashi-ku, north-west of Tokyo.

A day before, preparing the tents and stalls.

The koi flags haven’t been taken down since the Children’s Day (5th May).

Which makes it a wonderful subject to capture as it’s windy.

The flags appear to be "swimming" with the wind blowing.

The day before.

During the day.

Cheerleaders performing.

The booth I helped at.

Costume guys. It would be better if the characters are slightly shorter… the legs are too long lol.

Obasan waiting for their turn to perform traditional matsuri dance.

Bento for lunch. Was delicious!

Doraemon image made out of bottle caps.

The event viewed from slightly higher ground.

The location.