It’s been a year, Japan. The sun is rising [VIDEO]

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The sun is rising again over Japan, concludes an anniversary video clip about the unthinkable dimensions of the tragedy, presented by Greg Voakes, one of the Huffington Post bloggers.

The clip shows some less-known facts and figures about the Japanese tragedy, while Voakes states that “the country of Japan and its people are determined to restore Japan to its original state”.

The restricted area surrounding the Fukushima plant is larger than the size of Los Angeles, 25 million tones of trash fill the Pacific Ocean and the average Japanese woman will live 6 months less than she did in 2010.

These and other facts about the terrible year that Japan went through are presented in the video but the message as a whole is full of optimism.

“Workers are currently decontaminating the homes of those who were forced to evacuate by scraping the top two inches of the soil in the area. Towns that were once reduced to just rubble are now being repopulated with buildings and infrastructure at an amazing pace. No matter how long it takes, the Japanese are committed to making their lands flourish once more,” according to the author. presents Japan One Year Later Japan One Year Later