Japan adapts board game into real life

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Japan is adapting the American board game “Game of Life” into a real-life competition on the country’s Southern island of Yoron, with participants paying only a $5 entrance fee to join the match that lasts for one month.

The real life game will feature all the main pieces of the board game – a life-sized roulette, 18 square foot boards, and a bus parading as a game piece.

The island of Yoron seemed to be the perfect place to organize the real life version of “Game of Life”, Takanori Iwamoto, who is helping organize the event, says, as the eight-square-mile island bears a striking resemblance to the game’s spinner.

The real life game will start on July 20, with participants receiving a map and clues of their tasks using fake “Game of LIFE” money. The territory will be split into four sections, with each location having a spinner and a game board, the international press reports.

Although there is no million-dollar prize to win at the end, Iwamoto said the game gives a reward to all the participants. Whether you have to move a few spaces back or pay your “mortgage,” you come out of Yoron’s event with at least $1 to spend on the island, he said.

The project aims at reviving tourism in an area that is still recovering after three major typhoons hit it last year.

“We are currently still repairing and restoring a lot of the area. Roofs were ripped off of hotels and other buildings,” Iwamoto said. “The population has decreased and there are not enough people to help rebuild the area. So, this event is not just fun, it is part of a larger restoration plan.”