Japan Airlines to serve Miyazaki beef in first class

8 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

beef2Starting with January 9, Japan Airlines is serving the premium Miyazaki beef to its first class passengers on international flights. The menu will be available on flights heading to Europe and North America until March 31st.

The fillet will be “alla Rossini,” matched with seared foie gras and apple, while the menu is specially chosen by Michelin 3-star chef Seiji Yamamoto. In March there will be a change of menu, but Miyazaki beef will still be included until the 31st.

The menu containing Miyazaki beef is meant to commemorate the launch of the airline’s JAL Sky Suite, a new series of inflight products and services, on the 777 aircraft.

Miyazaki beef is named after Miyazaki Prefecture, located in Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, where it is produced. The beef’s marbling grade was rated over level 4 by Japan’s Meat Grading Association, with the lowest level being 1 and the highest one 5.

The beef is recognized as one of Japan’s most superior products and is known as a prime label outside the country. It has received high praise for its taste and record of safety.