Japan and Korea led New Year celebrations on Twitter

8 years ago by in Featured, Korea

twitterOn New Year’s Eve, Twitter had the most numerous celebration messages posted when midnight came in Japan and Korea, according to the American company. Tweets per second topped 33,388 in the middle of the night, between December 31 and January 1, when Tokyo and Seoul were celebrating the coming of 2013.

The second highest peak came when midnight hit UTC -5, time of New York/Bogota, when Twitter registered 13,336 tweets per second. That was just ahead of Bangkok/Jakarta (UTC +7), with 11,675.

Twitter did not reveal the exact number of the total tweets posted on New Year’s Eve, aside from the fact that “millions of people” posted messages to celebrate the coming of 2013.

A previous record came from Japan in December 2011 during the TV screening of the popular Anime Castle in the Sky, with 25,088 tweets per second.

Twitter’s success in East Asia seems to be rising, the international press comments.  Twitter CEO Dick Costolo stated  that Twitter should ramp up operations in Japan, while the company opened its first office in Korea last year.

Japan was the first Asian country to get Twitter’s promoted products, while the country got a service for rating TV programs  based on tweets, months before a similar product was released in the United States.