Japan and Philippines lead hate top in Honk Kong – survey

6 years ago by in Japan

People in Honk Kong dislike the Philippines and Japan the most out of 12 surveyed countries, according to a study by the Public Opinion Program of a Hong Kong university. Over 87 percent of the 1,000 surveyed people have negative feeling regarding the Philippines, while 59 percent also hate Japan.

America was the third most hated country at 32 percent, while Singapore, Canada and Australia were the most well-liked governments at 59 percent, 50 percent and 46 percent respectively.

The negative feelings towards Japan and the Philippines hit an all-time high since 1997, according to the survey which, however, does not mention the cause of the respondents’ feelings.

The hate against Japan could be caused by the territorial disputes and post World War II issues that continue to affect the diplomatic relations between China and Japan.

The Philippine government drew strong critics for the 2010 hostage taking incident, which resulted in the death of eight Hong Kong tourists. Although it has been three years since then, the Philippines is still strongly disliked. In a recent football friendly match against the Philippines in Mong Kok, some Hong Kong fans made it clear to the players and fans that they have not forgotten, with one fan even unfurling a banner that said so, according to the local press.