Japan and S. Korea oppose new “provocations” from N. Korea

9 years ago by in Featured, World

Japan and South Korea have urged North Korea to avoid any new “provocations”, amid international concern that the latter is preparing for a new nuclear test.

Present at a nuclear meeting in Vienna, Kazuyuki Hamada, Japan’s parliamentary vice-minister for foreign affairs, said that his country strongly urges North Korea “not to conduct any further provocation including nuclear tests or further launches”.

Hamada added that last month’s launch, when North Korea insisted that it tested a satellite launch while the West said it was a disguised missile launch test, was “intolerable” to Japan.

South Korea said, at the same nuclear meeting in Vienna, that the North “”should realize that further provocations will only exacerbate its isolation,” according to Kim Bong-hyun, a top representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The U.S. have suspended a humanitarian program which was providing food assistance to North Korea, following last month’s launch.