Japan artist makes cranium from skateboards, displays it in the U.S.

7 years ago by in Entertainment

Japanese artist Haroshi made a cranium crafted entirely from used skateboard decks and displayed it at the On Deck skateboard auction, organized in the United States.

The artwork „Skull” displays unbroken horizontal layers and even includes full eye sockets.

“The teeth are actually made from skateboard wheels,” said Chris Bacon, president of the nonprofit Montana Skatepark Association. The piece, part of a January exhibition at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York City, is on loan for the auction, although it is not up for bid.

„Skull” will be on on view at the Brink Gallery on Friday, May 3, along with other 45 artworks made by out by artists from Montana and across the United States. Those artworks will be available for auction, while the Montana Skatepark Association will receive the funds from the auction.

Aside from the “Skull,” Haroshi also contributed a deck for the auction.

“There were local people that are really big supporters of On Deck, and they have acquired some Haroshi pieces and they kind of loaned them to us for the show,” Bacon said.