Japan boat dragged by tsunami in 2011 arrives in Washington two years later

7 years ago by in Japan

A  Japanese fishing boat dragged by the2011 tsunami arrived at a Washington beach two years after the natural disaster. The 20-foot blue and white fishing boat traveled for about 4,500 miles until it finally got stuck in the sand of Long Beach Peninsula on Friday.

Officials think the boat is a piece of debris cast adrift by the 40 meters wave in 2011 but still need to confirm it with Japanese authorities.

The Washington Marine Debris Taskforce, specialized in analyzing the items washed up by the violent tsunami that hit northern Japan two years ago, said there was no hazardous material in the vessel. The boat was empty aside from various marine life and the taskforce will steam-cleaned the vessel from any invasive species.

‘The multiple agency effort is focused on coordinating any actions that might be necessary to protect public health, safety and the environment, and on working with the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle to find out if the boat came from Japan and to locate its owner, ‘ the State of Washington Department of Ecology said in a statement.

Other washed up items analyzed by the Washington Marine Debris Taskforce included buoys, bits of Styrofoam, small appliances, plastic, crates, refrigerators and even a soccer ball, according to the international press.