Japan calls on Europe to be “responsible”

9 years ago by in Featured, Politics

Japan’s finance minister Jun Azumi said on Wednesday that, as the international aim is to overcome the financial crisis, Europe in particular has to act “appropriately and responsibly”.

Azumi spoke with the press after an emergency teleconference with fellow finance ministries in the G7 group, which took place on Tuesday evening.

He commented that his European counterparts gave assurances that they will work to fix the continent’s financial problems.

“(They) said they will handle the issues, including Spain’s debt problems, in a responsible manner, and I trust them,” Azumi said.

He told other political leaders involved in the discussion that they need to act to reassure the markets. “I said I want them to take detailed steps in a successive fashion to make not only us but also the market feel safe,” Azumi said.

Japan’s economy is affected by the European debt crisis, which, coupled with China’s slowdown, resulted in a 7 percent decrease of Japanese exports to these two key destinations in April.