Japan deploys missiles against N. Korea’s possible attack

6 years ago by in Korea

Japan has deployed missiles in Tokyo’s key locations, in order to protect the population of about 30 million people who live in the country’ s capital from any possible attack coming from North Korea, officials have said.

Two Patriot Advanced Capability-3 surface-to-air missile launchers were stationed at the defense ministry in Tokyo before dawn, a ministry spokesman said on Monday.

Itsunori Onodera, Japan’s defense minister, said “we are proceeding with measures including deployment of PAC-3 as we are on alert”.

“The government is making utmost efforts to protect our people’s lives and ensure their safety,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Tuesday, according to the international press.

“As North Korea keeps making provocative comments, Japan, cooperating with relevant countries, will do what we have to do. For the moment, the most important thing is to implement sanctions under the UN Security Council resolutions,” Abe said.

Missile launchers will also be installed in the semi-tropical island chain of Okinawa.

Japan’s forces have the permission to shoot down any North Korean missile headed towards its territory, according to a defense ministry spokesman.