Japan faced record number of cyberattacks in 2013

6 years ago by in Japan, Technology

Japan faced its highest ever number of cyberattacks last year – about 12.8 billion, according to the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). The government and other organizations faced most of the cyberattacks.

The number was the largest since the government-backed institute began cyberattack surveys in 2005, NICT said.

“Cyberattacks from emerging countries, as well as China and the United States, have been increasing,” an NICT official said, according to the local media that is citing Kyodo news.

The NICT is using more than 200,000 sensors to detect the technological attacks. In 2005, they detected around 300 million cyberattacks, in 2010 – around 5.7 billion and in 2012 – around 7.8 billion.

The number of cyberattacks in 2013 expanded 1.6 times from the previous year, while the number of sensors rose 1.1-fold.

After international hacker group Anonymous criticized Japan’s whaling activities and threatened on YouTube to attack related Japanese organizations last May, NICT detected attacks on some government servers, the sources said, with most of the attacks coming from China and the United States, and those from Russia and Brazil as well as from Japanese locations also increasing.