Japan, the first country to take sports drink on the Moon

5 years ago by in Business, Entertainment

Japanese Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company (OPC) aims for the stars… literally. One of the company’s products, Pocari Sweat – a local sports drink that competes in fame with Gatorade -, will be sent to the moon, as the company plans to make it the first such drink on the Earth’s natural satellite.

The company said it will take part in a private rocket launch in October that is intended to explore the Moon, and hopes to put some of its flagship beverage onboard. The company’s officials decided to involve in the project after scientists discovered traces of water on the moon.

“We would like to have many people feel that life on the moon could become a reality sometime soon,” it said, according to the international press.

The project will be conducted by US Astrobotic Technology and Astroscale. It will deliver a capsule containing Pocari Sweat on the Moon in October 2015, the media says.

If no problem will occur during the project, then Pocari Sweat will be the first commercial drink to ever land on the surface of the Moon.

Although its name is not very appealing, Pocari Sweat became one of the most popular drinks in Japan since its launch in 1980.