Japan govt financially supports events dedicated to marriage

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Confronting a major problem when it comes to fast-aging population and low birthrate, Japan’s government plans to financially support local events dedicated to people who are looking for future husbands or wives.

The proposal to save a special fund dedicated to this topic was called “a fund to weather the nation’s low birthrate crisis” and is planned to cover such events from fiscal 2014, according to sources.

Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet Office plans to save such funds for Tokyo and all other prefectures, that can be used for various purposes from marriage to childbirth, according to the local press.

Married couples who are considering to have a child but hesitate for economic reasons could also be supported through this initiative, as the Cabinet Office is planning to give priority for entering public housing to the recent-married couples and families with many children.

According to Prof. Katsuhiro Miyamoto at Kansai University, locally organized partner-seeking events can generate positive economic effects. If 2,000 such events would be organized every year and would have around 300 participants every time, it is estimated they will create an economic effect of about Y140 billion annually from the resultant dating and marriage expenses by those who start seeing each other and decide to tie the knot, according to the report released in May by the theoretical economist.