Japan has world’s highest number of new iPhones

7 years ago by in Business, Technology

Japan is on the first place in the world when it comes to the number of new iPhones owners, according to a new report by Localytics, a Boston-based digital analytics and marketing firm.

The number of active iPhone 5S and 5C hit almost 10 percent of all active iPhones in Japan, a level that is almost two times higher compared to the rest of the word.

The U.S. came on the second place with 6.4 percent of all iPhones in use being one of the two newest models. The global average is 5.5 percent, the study said.

“The Germans are the biggest fans of the high-end iPhone model, with the 5S holding almost a 9 to 1 edge over the 5C. Of the top 8 countries with the most new iPhones, the U.S. is actually the most iPhone 5C-friendly,” the report added.

While iPhone 5S is considered to be rather high-end, the iPhone 5C is sold at a lower price.

In Japan, Apple released last month two new iPhones, 5S and 5C, and sold worldwide a record nine million devices in the first three days.

“The demand for the new iPhones has been incredible, and while we have sold out of our initial supply of iPhone 5S, stores continue to receive new iPhone shipments regularly,” Apple chief executive Tim Cook said at that time.