Japan hopes for record numbers of Singaporean tourists

9 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

Japanese authorities intend to set a new record of tourists coming in from Singapore and organized a special campaign centered on Japanese food to achieve the goal.

Hida beef, seasonal fruits, Hitomebore rice and other specialties are displayed at Japan’s booth at the three-day tourism fair Singapore Expo, as part of the national campaign “Japan Next” which is trying to get foreign tourists back to Japan.

The Japanese government is hoping to attract up to 200,000 tourists from Singapore this year, which would be a new record. The previous high , 180,000 tourists, was reached in 2010, before the natural disasters which caused a dramatic drop of Japan’s tourism industry.  Tourists from Singapore alone dropped in numbers by 38 percent last year, compared to 2010.

“Last year, they have no way to go Japan because of (the disasters in) Eastern Japan. It is now safe this year, and we’re also doing some sort of promotion to invite them to Japan. I think attracting 200,000 visitors is definitely achievable,” said Ryoichi Matsuyama, president of Japan National Tourism Organisation.

“Many Singaporeans say one big reason they travel to Japan is because they love Japanese food so we decided to set up such a booth,” said an official of the Secretariat of Intellectual Property Strategy.