Japan is back among leading global economies – report

9 years ago by in Business, Featured

Japan is one of the three super-power economies which is recovering fast. Along with the U.S. and China. Japan leads the world in growth, according to new data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Japan’s and China’s economies have expanded over the last four months in a row, while the U.S. has risen for the last five months, the OECD index has shown.

Other economies which make quick progresses are the so-called developing nations. Russia, India, and Brazil have all showed signs of growth, according to the report.

The European economies, on the other hand, are stagnant. Continuous weakness is witnessed particularly in France and Italy.

A “potential turning point” has been reached in 2012 by Germany and the U.K., which show signs of improvement after last year’s economic problems, the OECD reported.