Japan is sounding war alarm to ‘ordinary people’

7 years ago by in China, Featured

vesselJapan is using the incident in which a Chinese ship used weapons-targeting radar on a Japanese naval vessel in order to start preparing both Japanese and Chinese people for war, the Chinese media comments.

“We believe in doing this Japan is at the same time also sounding a combat alarm among the Chinese and Japanese public. Ordinary people who do not understand naval affairs will believe the two countries are very close to war”, China’s state-run Global Times said.

Details coming from Japan are still not clear, while China did not make any comment yet about the incident. The Chinese Foreign ministry’s officials said they “were not aware of this matter”, except for the informations presented in media.

Last month, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe mentioned twice about China’s use of fire-control radar at Japanese targets in the East China Sea, near the Senkaku islands that are the subject of a territorial conflict between the two states.

However, using military radar on a ship is a common practice during ordinary missions, Jiang Xinfeng, an expert on Japanese studies at the PLA Academy of Military Sciences, said.

But a manual of rules of engagement written under the supervision of the United States Naval War College states that using a fire-control radar on another ship could involve hostile intentions.

The United States try to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict between China and Japan, as the situation is one “that could ultimately get out of hand,” according to the United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Both countries should “work with each other to try to resolve these issues peacefully,” he said.