Japan, Korea, Europe, USA to get 97% of global tablet revenues

6 years ago by in Business, Technology

Around 97 percent of the global tablet revenues in 2013 will be reported in Japan, Korea, North America and Western Europe, according to a report from the U.S. market research company ABI Research.

The total sum goes up to an impressive $70 billion.

Thirty-nine million tablets were shipped in the first quarter of 2013, report author Jeff Orr says — the second most ever — only beaten by 2012′s Christmas shopping quarter that is usually one of the strongest quarters. That quarter saw 52.5 million tablets shipped. Most of those tablets were sold in the more developed and wealthier countries.

“North America is forecasted to claim nearly half of the estimated $72 billion expected to be spent this year on tablet devices,” Orr said. “Western Europe and Asia-Pacific will also have their hands in the honey pot for a combined 50 percent of world tablet revenues.”

China, however, does not have a major role in global tablet sales, as most of the Asian consumers seem to be interested more in phone tablets rather than standard tablets, compared to Western buyers. The reason might be the fact that a mid-sized phablet is easier to use compared to a standard-sized phone plus a larger tablet, the media comments.