Japan launches apple burger with cinnamon mayonnaise

7 years ago by in Entertainment

A new burger, that many would call strange, has been launched by Burger King in Japan, a country known for promoting inventive food combinations. The new burger, called BK Ringo, is topped with grilled apple slices instead of tomatoes (“ringo” means “apple” in Japanese) and a “generous portion” of cinnamon mayonnaise.

The burger contains no pickles or onions, according to journalists who have tried it.

“The cinnamon smells great,” the media says. “It does not impart as much sweetness as you would expect, though. There is a short burst of cinnamon flavor that comes just before you wrap your mouth around the sandwich, but once you bite in, the initial flavors on the tongue is mayonnaise, followed by the juicy meat and slight char.”

“The apple comes out a bit later as you chew, and the fruit’s texture is somewhat like a firm apple pie. It is mild, but with a definite sweetness. The cinnamon notes come out for a tiny little encore, with the sesame from the bun finishing off the flavor profile.”

Other people who tried it were not too excited about it. A Twitter user said that he was hoping for the best, but it was not his favorite.