Japan may pull out of Shanghai figure skating event

7 years ago by in Featured, Sports

Japan will only participate in the upcoming Cup of China in Shanghai if it receives strong guarantees for the safety of its skaters, the president of Japan Skating Federation said.

Seiko Hashimoto said that the political tensions between the two countries are posing a risk that may lead to the canceling of participation for the Japanese delegation, which includes stars like Mao Asada (photo), Miki Ando and Daisuke Takahashi.

The event, which is the third leg of the figure skating Grand Prix series, will take place between November 2 and 4.

“Safety is utmost priority,” Hashimoto said, quoted by Kyodo. “If the situation stays the same a week, 10 days before the event then we’ll have no choice but to pull out.”

He added that guarantees for top-level security will be asked from the International Skating Union, as well as the Chinese federation, before taking a decision on the matter.