Japan organization to start cancer center in Russia

7 years ago by in Business

A public-private organization, the Medical Excellence Japan (MEJ), which exports Japanese-style medical services, made an agreement with a Russian party to start a cancer center in Moscow.

Both Japan and Russia expect the medical sector to become one of the most important areas of bilateral cooperation, along with the energy sector.

Japanese medical companies that are dealing with cancer treatment equipment could earn billions of yen in business, according to the local press. The project will also encourage the exchanges among doctors and medical technicians in Japan and Russia.

Japan will provide high quality nursing care, specialized knowledge, medical services and management know-how and the project is expected to raise Russia’s medical standards.

The center will accept general cancer patients for treatment.

MEJ, which was established in 2011, promotes Japanese medical equipment and medicine abroad. It was set up to attract medical tourists from foreign countries, but reorganized in April after 23 medical equipment and other makers joined. MEJ is currently involved in a Japanese government project to build a hospital in Kuwait.